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      Based on the company's talent training plan, the needs of staff growth and development, and the requirements of job responsibilities, the Ministry of Human Resources facilitates the improvement of the knowledge structure of the company's employees and the overall quality of its employees through the investigation of training needs, the formulation of training plans, the organization and implementation, and the tracking of management improvements. Improve employee's work skill, work attitude and behavior pattern, exert maximum potential, realize life value maximization.
      Training of new recruits
      New employee training is very important to help employees quickly and comprehensively understand the company, identify with the corporate culture, and speed up the role change. Therefore, continuous improvement and improvement of new staff training, the company to carry out training work is of great significance. At present, the training of new employees is divided into three levels: the first level training for the new employee company's induction training, and the Ministry of Human Resources conducts the training in the form of new employee training classes and the teaching of in-company trainers. The related courses mainly include the company's development history and corporate culture, fire safety, laws and regulations, and safety production knowledge; The second level of training is departmental training, which is organized and implemented by various hiring departments. It mainly learns the basic knowledge of the department concerned with production, technology, etc., and health safety and safety management regulations. The third level of training is mainly job training, which is organized and implemented by the department concerned. It mainly uses the form of "mentoring system" to learn job requirements and skills, operating procedures, and related business process knowledge. After the training of the new staff, the above three levels of training theory and operational evaluation are qualified before taking office.
      In-service staff training
      In-service training is divided into annual planned training and thematic training. In December each year, departments prepare a training plan for the next year based on research needs. The Ministry of Human Resources is responsible for conducting research and review of each department's "training plan", preparing the company's "annual training plan" and issuing it to each department for implementation. Thematic training is an annual, demand-driven, unplanned training that is flexible, tailored and highly specialized. Every year, the company cooperates with universities and professional training institutions to organize middle and senior management personnel to conduct MBA and other management course training. We will establish an effective training and learning incentive mechanism, train all grassroots management personnel every year, further improve management quality, and continuously strengthen the grass-roots management level within the company.