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      Welcome to Zhe An Group official website!
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      Fire-fighting equipment, skilled in work, workmanship.
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      Decades of wind and rain, decades of business original intention, Zhejiang people have been adhering to the core concept of "integrity management, customer first", manufacturing qualified craftsman spirit, concentrate on, and maintain passion. High standards, refinement, and conscience products. Adopt international advanced product technology and management methods to make the company's products best competitive in terms of brand name, quality, service, price and environmental protection to meet the needs of users and achieve employee ideals; For the modernization of our country's fire fighting work dedication, for the happiness of our people life escort!
      Xiao Cheng relied on diligence, Zhong Cheng relied on wisdom, Dacheng was in Germany, and finally became a Tao! Continue to innovate and strive for excellence!
      With a peaceful dream, allow a National heart, take a brand road, Zhe'an has gone through dozens of years, achieved today's brilliant. In the future, Zhe'an will continue to forge ahead, use technology to improve quality, use quality dialogue world, and use services to win the future!
      We sincerely thank every friendly and cooperative friend, every caring colleague, every diligent and dedicated staff partner, we will treat every new and old friend sincerely as always!


      Use Zhe An. Keep safe