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      Filter type fire self-rescue respirator (semicircle) packaging
          Publish time 2019-07-17 13:33    

      Filter type fire self-rescue respirator (semicircle) packaging

      (semicircle) packaging


        An overview,

        Fire inevitably produce poisonous gas, according to the fire authorities, fire deaths, more than 80% for flue gas poisoning injured or burned to death after smoke choking, at this time, wearing a reliable smoke gas shout

        Suction apparatus, using the evacuation channel security out of the woods yet, can greatly reduce the fire (fire warning) death toll.

        TZL15 fire filter type respirator is a kind of protect the respiratory organs from the outside of the toxic gases harm is special breathing apparatus, which makes use of the drugs, cigarette filter filter tank element, will be fire

        Toxic ingredients in air filter, make it into a relatively clean air, for escape is breathing.This product according to the ((of the People's Republic of China on public security technology to the industry standard "GB21976.7-2012

        For manufacturing.

        Second, the purpose

        The respirator is hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, Banks, post and telecommunications, electricity, hospitals, places of public entertainment residential fire accident occurs, the necessary personal family security system fire breathing protection device


        Three, structure features

        1, the head cover manufactured cotton resistance to burn, Shanghai juji aluminum foil membrane surface, to protect against radiation, prevent fire heat radiation to escape the head injury.

        2, the hood is equipped with transparent big eye on a window, eye shot is open, easy to escape.

        3, the hood surface reflective, due to Shanghai juji aluminum foil membrane easily under the smoke to escape.

        Four and a half, the mask made of soft rubber wear comfortable, its shape size is suitable for all kinds of faces, and good air tightness, the way to stop the toxic smoke outside the filter canisters and directly into the respiratory organs


        5, canister filter layer, cigarette filter, filter layer of high quality activated carbon, catalyzer and immersion cigarette filter layer using superfine fiber material, can effectively prevent the toxic smoke, fog, carbon monoxide, toxic cyanide

        Hydrogen and common gas fire damage to people.

        6, canister in and out of the hole using soft rubber seal, sealing reliable for a long time, ensure that the product (emergency escape rope) in the period of validity of performance remains the same.

        Four, the main technical parameters

        Type 1, protective time: 15 is greater than or equal to 15 min

        2, inhaling resistance: 95 l/when the rain is not more than 800 pa

        3, expiratory resistance: 95 l/min is not more than 300 pa

        4, oil mist through coefficient: no more than 5%

        5, suction temperature: 0.25% C0 not greater than 65

        6, wearing quality: no greater than lOO0g

        7, a single product packaging appearance size: 2166 mm * lOOmm l40mm

        8, concentration of co protection: 0 ~ 1%

        Five, the product usage

        1, when there is a fire, immediately well rev mark along the box to open the lid, torn bags to take out the respirator.

        2, the department in the box to remind before and after the rope and pulled out the seal plate.

        3, breathing apparatus set into the head, tighten headband, rapid escape from the fire.

        Six, use matters needing attention

        1, this product is only for one-time use, only for personal antivirus save his life.

        2, the product is in use process, the gas after filter canisters, suction temperature will rise, and that the gas concentration is high, the filter tank of ongoing filter response, provide to the user

        Breathe clean air, the higher temperature is normal phenomenon, not desirable at this time the respirator, trying to escape danger and desirable place.

        3, this product by filtering the external air to breathe, so when the fire cannot be used when the concentration of oxygen in air below about the %.

        4, products standby state, the environment temperature should be 0 ~ 40 ℃, the surrounding without heat source, inflammable, explosive and corrosive articles, ventilation should be good, no rain and moisture erosion.

        5, the respirator for the deposit type, once the fixed deposit, cannot move, knock at will, tear open outfit, lest cause unexpected failure.

        6, this respirator for adults to wear.When children wear, need to help adults.

        7, torn packaging lifted the lid on seals and packaging, vacuum packaging has been damaged, seal cannot recover, breathing apparatus shall be deemed to have been used.