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      Save your rope
          Publish time 2019-07-17 13:52    
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        An overview, equipment and applications

        Save your fireman rope used for fire fighting and rescue, disaster relief, or daily training.

        Second, the main performance parameters

        1, structure: in the sandwich rope and bearing parts made of continuous fiber materials, high strength, small elongation, good shock resistance, high temperature resistant.

        2, breaking strength, lightweight ≧ 20 kn

        3, high temperature resistant performance: under the temperature 204 ℃ for 5 min time environment, will not melt, coking.

        Third, the operation of the lifeline method:

        1, the lifeline end fixed on solid objects, and the rope down the window into the downstairs.

        2, holding the rope, hooked on the windowsill, his left foot right foot pedal and blunt, treats people smoothly, left foot out of the window

        3, two legs slightly curved, two foot pedal force metope colleague, his arms out straight and your hands slightly loose, below the eyes gaze, along the rope down.

        4, when the fast close to the ground, his right arm bend forward, le rope two legs slightly bent, two on tippy toes.

        Four, lifeline the use and storage precautions:

        1, can't make the rope when using a hit from the overload or load, otherwise, there will be a broken stocks, even break the rope.

        2, at ordinary times should be stored in a dry ventilated place, to prevent mildew.

        3, after use, rinsed.Warm water wash should be promptly put in ventilated dry place order or after dried, avoid by all means long time exposure.

        A, regular check, found a rope wear larger or more than 1/2 shares grinding broken, should immediately stop using it.

        B, user weight inspection should be done on a regular basis, such as no broken or damaged, may continue to use.

        Keep rope lifeline in the custody of contact with sharp objects, such as stained with acid, alkali substances, shall be immediately rinse and dry.