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      Escape call
          Publish time 2019-07-17 13:54    

      I. product overview

      Escape and rescue calls with both azimuth lights and calls two major functions, the realization of a dual-use machine. It is composed of clock timer, micro sensor, early warning and strong alarm automatic/manual controller, tone frequency conversion circuit, voltage output circuit, low voltage warning circuit, with automatic alarm, forced alarm, bearing indication, low voltage display and other functions. It overcomes the disadvantages such as large volume, single function, unstable circuit, heavy mechanical switch, water flowing through the pronunciation hole, easy cover and no direction indication function.

      Detailed introduction

      Ii. Product features:

      1. Luminous intensity is as high as 1.46×105cd/m2; '

      2. Visual distance of azimuth light: ≥1500m under the night sky;

      3. Azimuth lamp strobe frequency ≥1 time /S;

      4. Side lower corner sound cavity design, not easy to cover;

      5. Alarm sound greater than 98dB, suitable for use in complex environment;

      6. Overall explosion-proof structure design, good waterproof and sealing performance;

      7, yellow light undervoltage warning, remind timely replacement of batteries;

      8, magnetic control layering split power switch, easy to number, carry;

      9, the shell seismic, high temperature resistance, good light transmission;

      10, red flash bright dazzling, highly transparent shell, good fog penetration, and use as azimuth lamp, visual distance is greater than 1500m.