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      ABC superfine dry powder extinguishing device (suspension type)
          Publish time 2019-07-17 14:05    

      Loading weight la kg, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12;

      Type of filling extinguishing agent: ABC super fine dry powder extinguishing agent;

      Start mode. Temperature control, electric heating initiation, temperature sensing element;

      Outer shape: lantern shape;

      Specifications: fzx-act3/1.2-za, fzx-act4/1.2-za, fzx-acts / 1.2-za, fzx-act6/1.2-za, fzx-act? / 1.2-za, fzx-acts / 1.2-za, fzx-act10/1.2-za. Fzx-act12/1.2-za;

      The characteristics of

      As filling agent of small particle size, good liquidity, good resistance to resurgence, diffuse and electric insulation, the fire extinguishing mechanism is chemical fire extinguishing is given priority to, through chemical and physical double function of fire extinguish the flame from the physical implementation of protected objects and air isolation, block the oxygen required to burn again, to prevent physical way. Chemistry, automatic fire extinguishing and release of ultra-fine dry powder powder through contact with the combustion flame, free radicals react quickly to seize the combustion and heat, so as to cut off the combustion chain to extinguish the flame, fire extinguishing agent reacts with flame if a large number of glass material adsorption in the protected objects surface to form a layer of isolation layer; Therefore, it can be used not only to extinguish fire in closed space, but also to protect fire in open places.

      Start the principle

      Temperature control: when the ambient temperature rises to the set nominal value, the valve on the fire extinguishing device automatically opens to release ultra-fine dry powder extinguishing agent

      Heat initiation: in specific environment, the fire extinguishing equipment needs to be started quickly and outdated. The fire signal is transmitted to the fire extinguishing equipment supervisor through the thermal sensitive line, and the fire extinguishing agent is released. The heat initiation can be started by one or multiple linkage devices.

      Electric control: controlled extinguishing dai li can with all fire alarm controller connected, when jet can output feedback signal, a composite fire signal detection by the detectors and sent to the fire alarm controller, and confirmed by the controller output signals (command signal of passive and active energy switch signal), the command signal by the repeater to start the fire power to fire to open the valve of the next year, the release of ultra-fine dry powder extinguishing.

      Application places

      According to different models, it can be used in file room, automobile front and back yard, warehouse, office, construction site, warehouse laboratory, underground cable, telecommunication base station, substation, gas station, petrochemical company, electronic and electric power industry and other places.

      Inspection report No.Gn201712085

      Application site of ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device

      Widely used for all kinds of transformer and distribution rooms, tobacco, leather armour warehouse, cable ditches, enterprise A, B, C storage, production sites, archives, libraries, power stations, communication rooms, power plants, tunnel traffic and so on.

      Second, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing efficiency

      1. The amount of extinguishing agent ≤150g/m3 can effectively extinguish class A, B and C fires;

      2. Efficient fire extinguishing, 2.5 times of halon 1211 and 1301, 4 times of CO2, 20 times of foam and 40 times of water;

      3. The fire extinguishing method can not only meet the local application of fire extinguishing in large space, but also realize the requirements of full-flooding fire extinguishing in relatively large space and small space.

      Three, super fine dry powder fire extinguishing characteristics

      1. High efficiency, non-toxic, no secondary pollution, no corrosion;

      2. Good electrical insulation and mobility, easy to clean;

      3. Withstand the harsh environment with high and low temperature and humidity;

      4. Convenient installation, no need to be on duty, small space and other advantages.

      Iv. Starting mode

      Electric start not stored pressure ultrafine powder extinguishing device belongs to the stored pressure suspension superfine powder extinguishing equipment and internal pressure, when the reserve fire, through the staff to press the emergency button electrical signals start, internal pressurized gas ignition internal medicine to shell detonating device release fire-fighting powder, fire-fighting powder under the gas pressure to push through sealed aluminum panel, injection and to protect the area around quickly spread, form a total flooding fire state, or local fire, fire in fire extinguishing powder under the action of continuous physical and chemical was put out.