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      Welcome to Zhe An Group official website!
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      Fire-fighting equipment, skilled in work, workmanship.
      National toll-free service hotline:

       Zhe An Group Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, design, production, sales of fire equipment and fire equipment enterprises. Located at the junction of the three provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi, it is adjacent to the world's natural heritage site Jianglang Mountain and Qing yan Mao Zedong's ancestral home. It is a 5-minute drive from the Huangqunan. The location is superior, the transportation is convenient, and the environment is beautiful.
      Founded in 2000, the company was formerly known as Zhejiang Zhejiang Fire Equipment Co., Ltd..
      Upgraded to Zhejiang Fire Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016
      On April 18, 2017, it was upgraded to Zhejiang An Group Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 80 million yuan.
      The group company has a modern standard factory building with an area of more than 23,000 square meters and a building area of more than 45,000 square meters; There are more than 400 employees and the company has a strong technical force. It has a R&D center for Fire-fighting equipment products and more than 60 R&D personnel. The company has more than 200 automatic equipment, 5 automatic assembly production lines, advanced production equipment, inspection and inspection equipment. Has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, CE certification, National fire control equipment CCCF compulsory certification; International standardized business management, excellent product quality, fast and efficient market response, honest and pragmatic new Zhejiang security is willing to work with you to create brilliant, you become a loyal and reliable business partner.
      At present, the products are sold all over the country and exported overseas. The company mainly produces: heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing device, D dry powder fire extinguisher, suspension ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguisher, filter fire self-rescue respirator, air respirator, escape arrester, oxygen respirator, comprehensive gas mask, fire pump, slowdown, fire fighting suit, hydraulic breaking tool, Fire escape equipment such as fire escape equipment and fire escape equipment.
      The company pursues the "credibility first, customer first" service purpose, warmly welcome to negotiate consultation.
      Consultation hotline: 0570-4775665

      Enterprise culture
      Intangible assets powerful brand value
      The success of an enterprise lies not only in the quality of the product, but also in the noble value of the brand to which the product belongs. Zhe'an is well aware of the important influence and role of "corporate culture" on brand shaping. In the early stages of development, a complete cultural system was established. Under a good cultural atmosphere, Zhe'an people worked diligently and worked hard to build a Zhejiang brand.
      Corporate purpose
      Adopt international advanced product technology and management methods to make the company's products best competitive in terms of brand name, quality, service, price and environmental protection to meet user needs and achieve employee ideals; For the modernization of our country's Fire-fighting work, for the happiness of the people of the country to escort!
      Corporate strategy
      High standards, refined standards, standards of conscience, high profile, low profile.
      Core competencies
      Continuously innovate, master core technology, and provide reassuring products for the market
      Service philosophy
      Best service