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      Welcome to Zhe An Group official website!
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      Fire-fighting equipment, skilled in work, workmanship.
      National toll-free service hotline:
      Submit your resume or cover letter according to your company's talent requirements and send it to your human resources department via e-mail or post. We will recommend you to the relevant employer department according to the materials you send us, and we will contact you if you wish.
      After receiving an interview notice from the human resources department of the company, please attend the interview on time according to the company's regulations. If you do not participate in the interview for your own reasons, you shall be regarded as automatically giving up.
      The following information should be brought to the interview:
      :: Original identity cards, account books, diplomas, functional titles, employment certificates, temporary residence permits, etc., and other sufficient proof
      A certificate of identity;
      :: Social insurance transfer orders, unemployment registration certificates, certificates of termination or termination of labour relations, and certificates of acceptance(for graduates);
      :: 6 photos of a recent bareheaded inch;
      First, the human resources department and the hiring department jointly conduct interviews, and then the human resources department to arrange a unified written examination, and fill in the "interview record form", after the interviewer will sign the interview results, the interview qualified personnel will eventually report to the company for approval.
      For the interview, we will decide on the list of candidates within 7 working days.