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      3 vehicles collided and burned, and a tragic accident occurred in Inner Mongolia! Six dead and 38 wounded!

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      30 June, at 16.40 p.m.
      230 kilometers from Inner Mongolia Provincial Highway 203
      There was a three-car collision.
      Six people have been killed and 38 injured.



      it is reported
      The accident was a truck passing a bus in the same direction.
      Three vehicles collided with the heavy unloading truck coming from the opposite side and burned.
      Among them, the bus involved was chartered for a Yellowstone travel team




      Rescue workers say
      They sent more than 30 people to Alsan Hospital for treatment.
      Most of them were broken or burned.
      A few were seriously injured.




      After the violent collision between the three vehicles, the buses began to spontaneously ignite, and the fire became larger and larger. The entire bus was surrounded in a short period of time, and the fire had also spread to the bodies of the other two large trucks.
      It is reported that there are about 42 passengers on the bus. After the accident, many passengers were thrown out due to intense collision.


      Passenger memories:
      Many people jumped through the window to escape.
      The passengers on board were all Yellowstone and were invited to travel through the same WeChat group. The destination was Changbai Mountain, Ms. Sheng said in an interview.
      At that time, when the bus arrived at the site of the incident, a large truck tried to overtake the car and there was a heavy dump truck moving toward it. After the collision of the three vehicles, the bus was stopped and caught fire.
      Suddenly, the incident suddenly took place and ran out of the car; At the same time, many passengers escaped the danger by jumping through Windows.

      It's so upsetting.
      It was supposed to be a happy trip.
      But a lot of people died.
      Is separated from their loved ones ...


      When we go home, we get together, we travel.
      And not far away.
      The bus has become our first choice ...
      In case the bus hits the water,
      How to save yourself from emergencies such as fire?
      What escape routes do buses have?
      How should safety hammer, door emergency valve, escape skylight use?
      These emergency escape tips.
      I hope not, but you must know!



      Finally, remind drivers and friends
      Travel, on your way home.
      Do not ask for fast and chaotic overtaking, speeding!
      Safe enough to go home.


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