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      In recent days, a number of fire accidents in small places have occurred frequently, revealing that there are still gaps, weaknesses and blind areas in China's fire prevention and control work. The implementation of the grassroots fire safety network has not been adequate, and there are loopholes in the fire safety management of villagers 'own houses and rental houses. Some shops and small businesses in the fire safety special rectification work, and some fire facilities are not equipped with some hidden problems, causing us to think. Summer is hot, the incidence of fire increases, and fire prevention needs to be cautious!
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      In the early morning of June 26, a fire broke out in a hardware store in Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City. According to the official notice: The city's fire department sent firefighters to the scene to save the first time after receiving the report. Until 4 o'clock in the morning, the fire was extinguished and 6 people died at the scene of the fire! At present, Zhongshan City has set up an accident disposal task force, and the cause of the accident is under investigation.


      At 11:56 PM on June 26, the Hefei Fire Rescue Detachment received an alarm. The debris piled in the open space on the first floor of Huilin Pavilion Community in Hefei City caught fire and ignited the balcony upstairs. After receiving the alarm, the district fire squadron rushed to the scene to dispose of. At 1225 hours, the open fire was extinguished and no one was trapped. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

      At 20:58 on June 25th, a fire broke out in Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City. After receiving the report, the Zhongtang Fire Brigade quickly rushed to the scene for disposal. It is understood that the scene for a car shop fire, the main burning material for tires and other items, no casualties. The cause of the fire and the loss of property are currently under investigation.
      On the morning of June 25, a fire broke out in a cotton mill in Tianqiao District, Jinan. The scene is thick smoke billow, originally is not a thrilling event, but the most frightening place, is next to this cotton mill is a car gas station. The fire department confirmed that there were no casualties on the scene, and the specific cause of the fire and property losses are being further counted.
      At 23 o'clock on June 24th, a sign of an Internet cafe near Zhujiang Street in Shenyang City suddenly caught fire and nearby citizens immediately shouted warnings. Seven to eight or eight Internet cafes left the fire channel and did not cause casualties. However, several vehicles parked in front of the Internet cafe were affected. A 6th floor resident first ran downstairs and found that the fire was very large and then ran to the 6th floor to rescue his own cat.
      On the afternoon of June 9, 2019, a fire broke out in the commercial city of Waihuanzeyao. According to the personnel on the scene, a face hall caught fire and the scene was filled with black smoke.
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         0119 Small places are dangerous
      Small and micro business places are also called "nine small places" and refer to densely populated places under the jurisdiction of public security stations according to the principle of hierarchical management. Specifically refers to: "Primary schools or kindergartens, small hospitals, small shopping malls, small dining places, small hotels, small song and dance entertainment places, small Internet cafes, small beauty bathing places, small production and processing enterprises." In fact, the "nine small places" is not a simple concept of digital nouns, but is synonymous with all small-scale densely populated places, that is, all small-scale densely populated places that are operated externally. Such as: small bar, small music teahouse and other places. These places are small and densely populated. In the event of a fire accident, it is quite difficult to escape.
      With the economic development in the main urban area, the number of "nine small" places has continued to increase, and the number of "nine small" places is large and wide, scattered in towns and villages, and there are thousands of small places in individual places. There are also dozens of them. And some of the nine small places are set up in residential areas or even in family homes. General supervision and inspection are difficult to touch, causing many places to lose control and leak.
      The fire safety awareness in these places is weak, and the hidden dangers of rectifying fires are not active. The operators blindly pursue the maximization of their own economic interests, because they are simple, lack the concept of safety first and life first, lack knowledge of fire laws and regulations, and have no rules for management, or even no one cares. For law enforcement officers issued rectification documents, business operators to rectify is mostly to deal with, and even there is resistance. Practitioners lack fire fighting and escape knowledge. The vast majority of them do not participate in training. They lack knowledge about self-protection and organization of evacuation escape during fire accidents. In the event of a fire accident, it is often in a state of disorder, and it is difficult to organize and implement effective response measures, which can easily lead to casualties.

      02 hidden dangers need to be rectified, security measures need to be ready
      First, innovate the mode of supervision and control, and make the "nine small" places networked management. The "nine small places" in the jurisdiction are routinely inspected, problems are promptly discovered and corrected, negative lists are formed, and the "three-color" problem list management is implemented.
      Second, we must jointly manage and do a good job in linking departments. Through the creation of a safe community to strengthen the participation of all personnel, integrate regulatory resources and strength, form a joint management situation, and eliminate the hidden dangers of fire in the bud.
      Third, carry out special rectification and strengthen joint law enforcement. We will strengthen joint law enforcement, mainly in towns and streets under jurisdiction, and the departments of public security fire protection, police stations, security supervision, industry and commerce, construction, gas supply, and power supply will form inspection teams to conduct surprise inspections from time to time, completely ban unlicensed operations, standardize licensed operations, and pass joint law enforcement. Eliminate fire hazards.
      Fourth, we will strengthen publicity and training to raise awareness about fire safety among persons in charge of production and business units and their employees. We need governments at all levels to increase their investment in manpower, financial resources and energy. We also need the strength of all sectors of society to make suggestions and suggestions to the government, make bold exploration and practice. Gradually provide a good fire safety environment for production and operation of "nine small" places.
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      Summer fire alarm
      In summer, the weather is hot and the hidden dangers of fire increase. Social units must attach great importance to fire safety, implement preventive measures, and improve the level of self-defense and self-help.
      Units that produce, store and manage inflammable and explosive dangerous goods shall promptly carry out fire safety risk assessments, implement the fire safety responsibility system in accordance with law, establish and improve fire protection forces and emergency handling mechanisms, and ensure that fire control facilities are sound and effective.
      Social units shall establish a sound system for the management of electricity use safety, standardize the installation and laying of electrical appliances and electrical lines, and regularly maintain and test the electrical fire.
      Fourth, the cultural relics and ancient buildings units should improve fire protection facilities, use high-power electrical appliances carefully, and prohibit overload of electricity and random cable connections; We must strictly implement the post fire safety responsibility system, strengthen duty inspections, strictly use fire management, and strictly prevent fire.
      KTV, cinemas, shopping malls and other densely populated places shall not be decorated with flammable materials, and it is strictly forbidden to privately pull wires, use open fires, and conduct welding and gas welding operations. We should strengthen the duty inspection and emergency evacuation exercise to ensure that the evacuation passage, safe exits are unimpeded, and the fire protection facilities are completely and easily used.
      Units and households shall promptly inspect and replace damaged and aged electric wires, properly install electrical lines, install leakage protection switches and overload protection devices, and prohibit excessive use of electricity.
      Residents shall correctly use gas facilities and appliances, and shall not remove, modify or relocate without permission. When they discover damage or leakage of indoor gas facilities or appliances, they shall immediately close valves and open windows for ventilation and report for repair in a timely manner.
      Eight, the use of electric vehicles should select qualified products, timely maintenance failure. Avoid vehicle exposure and rain, charging time should not be too long, not in high temperature, high heat environment, stairwell, safe access to charge.
      9, entering densely populated places, it is forbidden to carry inflammable and explosive items. It is necessary to pay attention to the location of safe exits and Fire-fighting equipment and be familiar with evacuation escape routes. In the event of a fire, to keep calm, you can soak towels, clothes and other wet cover the nose and mouth, choose the nearest safe exit orderly evacuation, do not take the elevator.
      It is strictly forbidden to place lighters, canned spray and other items in the car that are prone to explosion due to heat; The owner should maintain the vehicle regularly to prevent the wire aging and poor contact; Car fire extinguishers should be checked regularly to ensure effective and easy to use.


      Zhean Group reminds you: fire safety should be taken seriously, fire fighting escape equipment should be ready.