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      There was a bang, and the bedroom door exploded in the living room! It's not the gas this time!

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      In the past few days, the highest temperature in the country was dominated by Hebei counties and was selected by the sun!


      Facing the high temperature, is there a kind of, do not turn on the air conditioning simply can not live the illusion?


      However, two days ago, an explosion occurred in the home of a resident. The cause was actually to bring us cool air conditioning!


      Air conditioning exploded, bedroom doors flew into the living room.
      At 8:30 PM on April 22, when a villager from Henan returned home from work, the air-conditioning installed in the mother's bedroom suddenly exploded!


      Seeing the incident room caught fire, the family quickly called people to put out the fire, and at the same time called 119 alarm.

      After the explosion, the scene was a mess. The entire roof of the room was blackened. The interior machine burned only copper tubes. The wardrobe and clothing under the hanging machine were also burned to ashes.

      The shock wave generated by the explosion washed the wooden door of the bedroom into the living room a few meters away. The glass in the room was shattered to a few meters away. Even part of the stainless steel window fan was washed by the shock wave to a few meters away and was blown up. Security window, Fortunately, there was no one in the house at the time and no casualties were caused.

      It is reported that after the air conditioning after-sales service staff, the site of the inspection, manufacturers for their replacement of new air conditioning, bear the cost of damage to the items for new.
      When it comes to an explosion in the house, my friends may, first, think of gas

      Did not expect, air conditioning explosion accident, is not rare!
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      On May 1, 2019, an air-conditioning explosion occurred in a small area of Fuyang City, Henan Province: After a household purchased the air-conditioning in the mall, two installers caused an accident due to improper operation during the welding process, and one of them was killed.
      According to the yangzi evening news, one person was killed on the spot in June 2017 when an air conditioner was installed in a home in yancheng district of Jiangsu province.

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      The accident was extremely painful. At the same time, it also caused people to ask: Good air conditioning, how can it explode?
      It is understood that the cause of the air-conditioning explosion, in addition to problems with the product itself,(for example, the high-pressure end of the air-conditioning, etc.) is also an important part of the installation and maintenance.
      For example, you know: daily clean air conditioning, must not use alcohol to scrub, otherwise it may also cause an explosion accident!
      A well-known television station has done such experiments:
      The experimenter disassembled an air conditioner that needed to be cleaned, and used medical alcohol to scrub and clean the interior and related parts of the air-conditioning chassis.

      After the cleaning is completed, reinstall the air conditioning directly and test the power.

      A few seconds later, there was an explosion in the lower part of the air conditioner, followed by an explosion in the upper part. A large amount of white smoke came out of the air conditioner vent.



      Experts remind everyone: for their own safety in the installation of air conditioning, to find a regular after-sale.
      At the same time, these should also be noted when using daily:
      First of all, during installation, try not to let outdoor machines exposed to the sun, nor close to the open fire. Since a large part of domestic air conditioners are now inverter models, the refrigerants used are prone to explosion when they encounter open fire.
      Second, when cleaning the air conditioning appearance, do not turn on the air conditioning immediately after wiping with alcohol. If alcohol is used, it must wait for half a day after wiping, so that the alcohol is completely volatilized and then used again, so that there will be no air-conditioning explosion.

      Experts remind everyone: for their own safety in the installation of air conditioning, to find a regular after-sale.
      The service life of air conditioning is mostly about 8 years. Brand quality air conditioning is still good after 8 years, but it is recommended that it not be extended to service.
      Finally, in the air conditioning problems, do not blindly to dismantle the machine overhaul, it is recommended to find professional masters door to see.
      Notes on the Use of Air Conditioning in Summer
      Did you learn that?


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