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      Wealth creation, dedication to society
      Adhere to creating value for customers, seeking happiness for employees, creating wealth for society, and winning benefits for shareholders. We will realize value in developing the economy and serving the society, fulfill our responsibilities in conserving resources, protecting the environment and devoting ourselves to public welfare, promote the balanced development of material civilization, spiritual civilization and ecological civilization, and share the fruits of civilization with society.
      Yijin Four Seas, Weiwei World
      Insist on the inheritance and innovation of the fire fighting industry, create a good life with fire fighting, protect a happy life with safety, decorate a colorful world with red, and focus on the progress of human fire fighting civilization and social harmonious development.
      World-class, Centennial group
      From the perspective of space, in the global field, we will grasp the trend of the development of the industry, build world-class high-end brands, rely on scientific and technological innovation, activate development potential, and lead the industry to progress. From the point of view of time, based on fire extinguishers, heptafluoropropane, fire protection equipment, protective tools, and demolition tools as the premise, take the path of humanistic scientific development, win competition with competition, and realize the long-term development of the basic industry.
      Values: people-oriented, rigorous science, customer orientation, integrity and win-win
      Values are principles that must be adhered to in order to achieve their mission. It is a view that embodies the beliefs, tendencies, opinions, and attitudes of organizational values. It has the role of behavioral orientation, evaluation standards, and evaluation principles.
      We must respect people, rely on them, develop them, and serve them. We must regard human resources as the first resource. We must respect labor, knowledge, talent, and creativity. We must advocate equal opportunities, fair competition, meritocracy, care for employees, and love them. Create a good working environment, living environment and learning environment for employees, share development results with employees, and realize the common development of people and enterprises.
      Rigorous science
      Always follow a strict, meticulous, responsible, refined work attitude; Humble and cautious, efficient innovation, pragmatic work style; Unity, discipline, diligence, and the pursuit of excellence; We will seek truth from facts, make overall plans and focus on key issues, promote the institutionalization, standardization and standardization of work, and achieve sound, stable and sustained development.
      Customer orientation
      Always focus on customer needs and customer satisfaction. The production and operation of enterprises are customer-centered. They always pay attention to market changes, react quickly, innovate their operations, provide high-quality products and services to customers, dynamically meet customer individual needs, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
      Credibility wins
      We are committed to building a partnership of stability, mutual trust and lasting win-win results through honesty, quality, service and cooperation. Adhere to business ethics, words must be trusted, and deeds must be fruitful. They are dedicated to customer service, honest to employees, and sincere cooperation with suppliers. They use honest management to unite people's hearts, improve the satisfaction of relevant parties, and achieve win-win cooperation.