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      After the magnitude 6.0 earthquake, everyone should read this article. .. ..
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                                                                                After the magnitude 6.0 earthquake, everyone should read this article. .. ..

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      On the evening of June 17, the Mayor of Yibin, Sichuan Province, was struck by a 6.0-magnitude earthquake. At present, 13 people have been killed and 199 injured. A number of emergency rescue teams rushed to the earthquake area to focus on the epicenter and the surrounding 10 neighboring townships to carry out full coverage rescue. At the same time, various types of relief materials have also been transferred to the affected townships. As of 3 PM on the 18th, a total of 77 aftershocks of magnitude 2.0 and above were recorded, of which the largest one was a magnitude 5.3 aftershock.

      Changning 6.0 Earthquake Shuanghe Middle School Settlement
      It may be the first time many people have heard the countdown to the earthquake warning. This time, the earthquake warning center gave Yibin an early warning of 10 seconds in advance and Chengdu an early warning of 61 seconds in advance. (Yibin is at the epicenter, closest to the source)
      Early warning, to put it bluntly, is a race against seismic waves. Let you have time to avoid hazards in the minutes before the earthquake and minimize the damage.
      So, what should we do in such a short time?


      When an earthquake strikes, different warning times,
      There are different responses.
      "When the warning is only 3 seconds,
      Whether you live in a bungalow or on a high floor,
      Hide directly under the toilet or solid table.
      When the warning was only five seconds,
      People who live in bungalows or on the first floor,
      You can evacuate and escape to the open area outside the building.
      Ten seconds of warning,
      People on the first and second floors can be evacuated outside the building.
      And the people on the upper floor(above the 2nd floor)
      You should choose to avoid risks at home. "
      Why should people on the upper floors take shock absorbers at home?
      "Because of the short vibration time and high intensity during earthquakes, people are often unable to stand on their own feet and it is difficult to quickly run from the building to the outside.
      Therefore, you should choose to hide in the indoor bathroom, storage room, bathroom and other small, load-bearing walls or support places. The damage caused by the collapse of the ceiling can be avoided. "
      "When you are hiding, you should quickly fall to the ground,
      Try to curl the body and lower the body's center of gravity;
      Then bow your head and cover your neck with clothes, pillows, etc..
      Don't press the nose and mouth, try to stabilize the mood.
      Then save your strength and wait for rescue.
      In an earthquake,
      Many wrong actions should also be guarded against:
      First of all,
      Don't run to the balcony, to the window or to jump in a panic.
      Because in an earthquake, doors and windows are often the first place to collapse. "
      Although a lot of people know
      You should not take an elevator to escape an earthquake fire.
      But when in a panic,
      A moment of chaos is inevitable.
      Like yesterday's earthquake,
      Or someone got stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes.
      Imagine if the magnitude were bigger.
      The consequences are often disastrous.

      If you're outside,
      It doesn't mean absolute security.
      You should look for a safe haven,
      Avoid close proximity to buildings, overpasses, overpasses, smoke pipes, billboards, etc..
      Avoid Superchargers, high voltage, utility poles, etc..
      Except for the earthquake last night,
      Recent torrential rains and floods in the South
      And it touches people's hearts.
      According to reports: "As of 10:00 on June 16,
      The torrential rains and floods in the South have affected 6.14 million people.
      88 dead and 17 missing.


      Rainstorms and floods are prone to secondary disasters.
      And people will also be injured or even killed.
      When successive torrential rains occur,
      Cities tend to become huge Hongshuichi.
      Beneath the surface of the water, dangerous currents are surging.
      Rainstorm weather,
      Wear rubber shoes and raincoats that are insulated from lightning when you go out.
      Walk away from tall trees and street lights.
      To avoid being hit by lightning, or be injured by collapse.



      Watch your step when you walk.
      Avoid the fast water section.
      A lot of water looks nothing on the surface,
      It's easy to wash you down with a mixture of silt.

      Rainstorm weather should not stay in underground places.
      Such as underground commercial streets, underground shopping malls, subway stations, etc..
      In such areas, water accumulation is prone to reverse irrigation.
      If the water is turbulent, it can easily be washed over.


      The manhole cover must also pay attention.
      When there's a vortex on the water,
      It means that the water cover should have been washed away by the water.
      In order to avoid falling, you should bypass at this time.


      If the vortex is not obvious or it is not easy to judge the road conditions,
      When walking, you should prepare wooden sticks to explore the road.
      Put your hands forward if you have to,
      Helps jam the body when it falls down the drain.



      Be aware that the water may be charged during heavy rain.
      When the pole leaks,
      The surrounding water will be charged.
      If the body is numb when walking,
      An immediate withdrawal should be made in the opposite direction.
      If you see someone being electrocuted,
      Do not contact the rescue directly, use the long rod to hook out of the charged area.
      Rainstorm weather,
      Drive far below the overpass.
      Because the terrain below the overpass is low-lying and prone to water accumulation.
      When the water is found, it should be resolutely abandoned and fled.
      At the same time, usually in the car should be equipped
      Emergency tools such as escape hammers, fire extinguishers, water, and food.


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