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      A network of heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system
          Publish time 2019-07-17 10:11    

      Product name: pipe network type sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing series

      Brand name: zhe 'an

      Production address: no. 56 yutou fire protection industrial park, yutou town, jiangshan city, zhejiang province

      Marketing center: security city, 158 honggang mountain road, jiangshan city, zhejiang province

      POST: 4629


      Model: QMQ4.2/70N/90N/120N/150N
      Series of HFC227ea fire extinguishing
      A fire used to protect the following substances
      Electrical and electronic equipment fire;
      Flammable liquid and flammable solid fire;
      Fixed surface fire;
      Fire extinguishing gas source before fire extinguishing.
      Widely applicable to the following enclosed locations
      Valuable treasure, data files, hardware and software facilities, communication room, computer room, etc.;
      Facilities that use water spray systems to cause water loss;
      Fire extinguishing spray residue elimination equipment and regional difficulties;
      Areas where people work regularly, such as computer rooms, communications control centers, and so on.
      Functional characteristics:
      A set of pipe network fire extinguishing system can protect eight protection zones at the same time, the total cost of the project will be reduced
      Convenient for centralized monitoring and maintenance
      Equipment should be made between bottles, suitable for new projects
      The design and installation are more complicated and the construction cycle is longer
      It adopts horizontal pressure difference type double sealing structure container valve, which has high tightness and safety