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      Set fire escape treasure (five)
          Publish time 2019-07-17 13:47    

        Product name: fire escape treasure set (five)

        Use: fire escape treasure set (five) : fire blankets, home fire extinguisher, save your rope (20 meters) and self-rescue respirator (mask), fire light flashlight.


        A, fire blankets introduction: fire blankets mainly adopts fireproof non-combustible fiber, after a special process treatment.Main features: non-combustible, resistant to high temperature (550 ~ 1100 degrees), heat insulation, light and soft, tightly, corrosion resistance, and do not stimulate the skin, etc.Method of use:.Home five treasure, household equipment to escape.

        Second, household fire extinguisher introduction: portable powder fire extinguisher (class D fire extinguisher), small, effective, easy to carry do not take up with good insulation, fire extinguishing function: can be used to extinguish: class A fire solid material fire (normal), class B fire (combustible liquid fire), class C fire (fire gases and vapors), E class fire fire) (charged material etc.Suitable for families, all kinds of models to carry, convenient and safe.

        Three, save your rope introduction: emergency self-help rope, widely used in family homes, hospitals, hotels, hotels, office buildings, places of public entertainment, labor-intensive, etc, is a reliable fire rescue facilities.Material performance: steel wire rope to escape the inner core military aviation, outsourcing by nylon thread woven, fall the way encounter the fire is not easy to burn out, still can slow down by oneself, guarantees the safety to escape.Once the building fire, opening to flee from security, should be immediately opened the package and remove the escape rope, safety hook hanging in the window to escape the rope end or firmly fixed on the building, and then quickly fled the scene of the fire from the window.

        Four, save your respirator's brief introduction: 1. The flame retardant, resistance to high temperature.Glance through the hood and extremely easy in fire smoke, long hair, beard, wears glasses are suitable for use.2. The large window, have open field of vision Is the hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, Banks, hospitals, post and telecommunications, electric power, oil industry, public entertainment places and residential fire prevention essential personal protective respiratory protective device.

        1, the ministry of public security standard GA209-1999.

        2, protective time: 40 minutes or more. Gas, fire prevention, prevent heat, smoke a variety of protection.

        3, the protection object: hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, toxic smoke and fumes.Can also be used to synthesis gas, etc.

        4, canister, lampblack through the coefficient of < 5%. The suction resistance or less 800 pa, expiratory resistance 300 pa5, valid for 3 years or less

        Five, the fire light flashlight introduction:

        40-60 lumens light source adopts high power 1 w LED, high brightness, long life, etc.Using high capacity battery, no memory, 2 CR123 batteries, can work normally in the rain.

        Technical parameters of working voltage: 3.7 V

        Working current: 700 ma

        Continuous highlighted lighting time > 10 hours

        1 wled tubes: