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          Publish time 2019-07-17 14:13    

        Product name: fire pump (9,11,13,15 horsepower)

        Use: the current domestic one of the most portable electric start hand lift type mobile fire pump, mainly is suitable for the urban, industrial and mining enterprises, warehouse the goods, such as rural put out the fire.


        Product overview and USES

        JBQ4.8/9 carrying mobile fire pump (hand carrying fire pump) is composed of a gasoline engine, single-stage centrifugal pump for fire fighting equipment.It focus on the similar products at home and abroad advanced structure and excellent performance, has small volume, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, etc, and reference to the modern advanced sliding vane pump priming device, with deep water depth, light weight, simple structure, start quickly, fast water wait for a characteristic, is the one of the most portable electric start hand lift type mobile fire pump, mainly is suitable for the urban, industrial and mining enterprises, warehouse goods, such as rural put out the fire alarm.

        This product in accordance with GB6245-2006 standard requirements for manual motor fire pump is carried out.

        One, the main technical parameters

        1. Engine: style: forced air cooled, four stroke, OHV25 ° oblique, single cylinder;

        88 x64 bore X trip:;

        Compression ratio: 8;

        The maximum power and speed KW/(r/min) : 9.7/3600.

        The maximum torque and rotational speed N.M (r/min) : 26.5/2500.

        Ignition way: transistor ignition;

        Start way: since the back hand pull start, electric start.

        2. Water pump: type: single-stage centrifugal pump;

        Traffic: after 35 m/h;

        Head: 50 m;

        Water diversion way: sliding vane vacuum pump water diversion;

        Maximum imbibition depth: 7 m;

        Water diversion time: 7 m deep absorption in 30 seconds or less;

        Outlet diameter: Ф 65 mm

        Inlet diameter: 65 mm Ф

        Dimension: 620 x590x525mm

        Second, the use method

        1. Before use check: (1) check whether the oil in the oil cup in policing scale line above, if not, you should fill it up with;

        (2) open the cap, add 90 # gasoline;

        3. Check to see if the water drain valve of the pump shell has been closed.

        2. The family security system starting engine: (1) electric START, pull the electric START switch to "START" position.

        (2) people manipulate lasso device starting the engine;

        (3) the engine starts, the choke valve to open to the largest, adjust the speed control knob, to achieve the required speed;

        3. Water: (1) valve shut off the water pump under the pump body;

        (2) clockwise rotate the handwheel at the top of the water valve, close the discharge valve.

        (3) dispatch speed control knob to the right position;

        (4) the lower stay vane pump nozzle after continuous gushing water vapor, slightly issue a discharge valve;

        (5) such as nozzle outlet for normal, then loosen the diversion handle, make the vane pump in the non-work state;

        6. The discharge valve fully open.

        4. Stop: (1) removing the first load, no-load running 2-3 minutes later, the flameout switch in the OFF (closed) position or remove the spark plug can stop;

        (2) close the discharge valve;

        (3) open the pump under the pump body of water drain valve, put the water.